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The Kyalami Park Club represents Horse Owners, Riders and Social Enthusiasts (H.O.R.S.E). As a club, they run many events throughout the year, covering most equestrian disciplines.

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Our club house can be booked for any event. Functions, End of year parties OR Birthdays

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Kyalami Equestrian Park lies on 23 hectares of land in the heart of Kyalami, and is maintained, enhanced and preserved for future generations of equine lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Home to the SA Derby, FEI World Cup Qualifiers, the Nissan Easter Festival and SA Champs, this venue combines the highest levels of equestrian events with the charm of a delightfully relaxed country equestrian venue.


Kyalami Park as a venue is owned and managed by SANEC, which is a registered private company of shareholders (28% held by Kyalami Park Club and 72% held by members). SANEC has an elected board of directors and is responsible for rentals received, non-equestrian event management (venue hire for functions), maintenance and utilities.

  • Functional image
  • Product
  • World-class facilities
  • Objective: To generate sufficient revenue to enhance the offering of Kyalami Park through a sustainable revenue model, and in so doing, preserve the venue
  • Communication: In the form of member and shareholder updates, selling advertising spaces, event and function hire in the Clubhouse, events at the venue, provide brand and naming guidelines for future clubs and initiatives at the venue


Kyalami Park Club:

KPC is the equestrian Club that operates on this premises, and runs world-class equestrian shows and events. It is a non-profit organisation.

  • Emotional image
  • Client experience / events / service
  • Objective: To create value for members by hosting world class equestrian shows, hosted at the best equestrian facility in SA
  • Communication: In the form of members communication through email and social media, branding OOH, events/shows, merchandise, photography, videos, PR, co-branding with sponsors, sponsorship proposals, website (, social events for members

SANEC mostly communicated in a joined up way with KPC.
KPC does have a lot of communications that will go without SANEC content.

The property owned by SANEC (Pty) Ltd is the extent of Portion 114 Witpoort    406-JR bought by Major George Iwanowski in 1963. The property was later purchased by the South African National Equestrian Centre (SANEC) which was registered as a separate Pty Ltd company in 1972.

The Transvaal Horse Society (THS) had it’s offices on the SANEC property and it had a membership base of around 4000 members. The THS was later re-registered as the Gauteng Horse Society (GHS) during 1995 in line with the change in name of the Province. In around 2013/2014 a directive was issued by the South African National Equestrian Federation (SANEF) to say that Equestrian Sport needed to affiliate to it’s National Structure through a Club System and not a Provincial System.

This meant that overnight the GHS was converted into a club, and lost some 3 500 of it’s members.

At the time of disbanding the GHS and converting it to a Club, the Club retained around 400 members. This created a huge challenge for the organisation as the Club and property was now to survive with the existing cost structures, but with hugely depleted revenue. The Club ran at a loss annually, and in late 2016 the Club’s liabilities exceeded it’s assets by some 3 to 4 million Rand (excluding the value of the land).

At around this time a share scheme had been agreed to by the membership base, whereby shares ( underwritten in value by the property ) would be issued for cash to the club members.

The Club remained a 30% shareholder and around 70% of the remaining shares were taken up. This capital injection has allowed the Club to recapitalise itself, pay off all debts and improve it’s facilities.

Property Development and the Future

SANEC, in its capacity as the Landlord of the property, is leasing the ground and offices to various tenants:
  • Kyalami Park Club (An equestrian club) who utilizes the property for world class equestrian events and shows.
  • SANEC also currently lease the restaurant and catering facilities (Bar) to an external provider – BB Catering.
  • SA Showjumping
  • SA Warmblood Horse Association
  • The SA Lipizzaners
  • Dog Agility
  • Beaulieu Maintenance
  • MTN
  • Telkom
The current Board of SANEC  are desirous to develop and improve the activities within the current rights of the Club to ensure that the property can remain financially viable. The types of developments and improvements that SANEC has completed are:
  • Upgrading of the clubhouse and it’s restaurant.
  • Improving the ablution facilities of club members.
  • Improving the infrastructure to ensure that all assets are used optimally.
  • Attending to storm water reticulation.
  • Upgrading the electrical installations.
  • Improving the internal roads and surfacing.
The types of developments and improvements that SANEC still foresees are:
  • Increasing the quality of the amenities to attract new club members.
  • Improving the access and exit points to accommodate and streamline the movement of passenger vehicles and horseboxes.
  • Improving the security particularly at the main gate/gates.
  • Improving of the leased areas and buildings to ensure that all areas remain leased through retention of tenants.
  • Encouraging cyclists to join our club, it is envisaged that a perimeter track and an outside trail will be offered.

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