Share Scheme

The current valuation of the SANEC Property is R 52 500 000 (based on a value of R 250 per square meter)

  • Shares will only be issued to Voting Members of the Kyalami Park Club who are in good standing
  • A total of 7 200 shares are available for issue to Members, at a price of R 5 250
  • No Member may acquire more than 500 shares
  • Members must ensure their membership with the Kyalami Park Club remains in good standing for the entire period that they own the Shares
  • All Members whose membership of the Kyalami Park Club is in good standing, will be entitled to purchase shares at a cost of R 5 250
  • All other details pertaining to the Share Investment Opportunity and the management of the company are contained in the Memorandum of Incorporation, which will be available on the company website
  • In the case of Members being Minors, Legal Guardians / Parents nominated as Custodian Members, in accordance with the Kyalami Park Club’s Constitution, may purchase shares on the Minor’s behalf with all Terms and Conditions as stated herein still applying
  • Where a Full Adult Member is also classified as a Custodian Member for a Full Child or Junior Member, such Member may only acquire a maximum of 500 shares.

Some of the suggested projects utilising these funds include:

  • Clubhouse Extension
  • Permanent Stalls
  • Security Control Room
  • Additional Offices
  • VIP Marquee
  • Conference Venue
  • Refurbishment of Stables
  • Kiosks / Judges Boxes
  • Retail Component
  • Upgrade Indoor Facilities and Seating
  • Sports Club Facilities: Tennis, Cycling, Gym, Running
  • Auction Sales Facilities
  • Veterinary Surgery

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